Thinking About Negative Thinking

I keep thinking about negative thinking. I don’t mean particular negative thoughts like “I hate my job” or “I literally can’t get out of bed I’m so tired today” but the combination of all negative thoughts and their impact in general. I know that thoughts directly impact feelings and behaviors and as a Clinical Therapist I help others identify and alter negative or unhelpful patterns all the time- but when it comes to myself, I am nervous about the level of negativity oozing out of my pores.  Part of my fear is that I have been conditioned beginning at birth to view the glass as “half empty.” In my family, it’s genetic. Skepticism and negativity take on lives of their own and encompass every aspect of life. As I am sitting here I can close my eyes and hear my mother commenting on the “plastic face” of an actress in a powerful performance that before her comment, had me captivated. That being said- I need to fight it. I need to fight it because negativity creates a barrier between a person and the world’s beauty.  So the question becomes- if I am not being cynical, sarcastic, or “negative” about things in my own life- how on earth do I survive the day?! (see, there it is right there). Sure there are the positive reframes I could apply to hard situations, but when it comes down to it- a lot of things in life just suck. What happens when you have consecutive bad days? Have friends who are experiencing tragedy or pain? Make not one, but lots of mistakes at your job? What is the tipping point for being able to think positively when all of these events happen at once?

One time someone spoke in ernest about how they’re always “making lemonade” out of life’s crap circumstances and are perpetually positive.  For me this will definitely be a work in progress!


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