Surviving Traffic

As I was stuck in traffic on my daily hellish commute home from work, I began thinking about how drastically people’s attitudes change in the context of individuals as “drivers” versus “passengers.”  For example, if you were driving in your car and someone cut in front of you unexpectedly, first your heart may jump a little as you hope your car slows down in time to accommodate their idiocy and then you may start fighting the urge to curse them out.  Frankly, I have been known to scream at people from behind the safety of my windshield for much less.  But then I realized that when I am riding in the back of a taxi as a passenger, if the taxi cuts off someone at the last minute and receives a honk- well forget it- I’m already thinking “who the HELL do you think you are honking at my taxi driver.”  Basically, people completely assume the identity of the driver, even the most reckless ones.  After I thought about this, the following day as I inevitably witnessed a verbal altercation between the driver of a car and a taxi who almost ran the driver off the road- I could barely judge the passenger who leaned his entire torso out of the back window of the cab to scream at the innocent party.


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